Related Journal Impact Factors:

Journal2016 IF2015 IF2014 IF2013 IF2012 IF2011 IF2010 IF
ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (ToIT)1.4890.7050.7690.5770.7920.8931.118
ACM Transactions on Information Systems(TOIS)2.3120.9771.0211.3001.0701.0771.085
ACM Transactions on the Web (TWeb)1.5261.0611.2251.5951.4050.8711.909
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM)2.5161.5131.1701.4721.5481.2691.694
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE)3.2721.5161.6142.2922.5881.9802.265
IEEE Transactions on Services Computing (TSC)3.5202.3653.0491.985 2.461.468none
IEEE Transactions on Reliability (TR)2.7902.2871.9341.6572.2931.2851.288
IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC)2.9161.7231.6591.4731.3791.1031.608
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems(TPDS)4.1812.6612.1702.1731.7961.4021.575
IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC)2.9261.5921.3511.1371.0591.1401.409
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering(TKDE)3.4382.4762.0671.8151.1891.6571.851
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part Anonenone3.4692.1692.1832.1232.093
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part Bnonenone6.2203.7813.2363.0802.699
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part Cnonenone2.1711.5262.5482.0092.105
IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering3.5022.6962.4282.1621.6741.4611.396
IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security4.3322.4412.4082.0651.8951.3401.826
IEEE Software2.1900.8201.0531.231.6161.5081.511
IEEE Internet Computing1.5211.4001.7132.0002.0392.0002.514
IEEE Computer1.7551.1151.4431.4381.6751.4701.812
International Journal of Web Service Research (JWSR)0.6670.2570.5620.4690.1820.3710.389
International Journal of Web and Grid Services (IJWGS)1.1051.2290.7571.5791.6151.9190.978
World Wide Web Journal(WWWJ)1.4051.5391.4741.6231.1960.5131.000
Journal of Internet Technology1.9300.7050.4380.4180.4810.5080.448
Journal of Systems and Software2.4441.4241.3521.2451.1350.8361.293
Future Generation Computer Systems3.9972.4302.7862.6391.8641.9782.371
The Scientific World Journalnonenonenone1.2191.730nonenone
Empirical Software Engineering3.2751.3932.1611.641.1801.8541.796
Journal of Mobile Information Systems0.8491.4620.9491.789none2.432 1.325
Knowledge and Information Systems2.0041.7021.7822.639none2.2252.008
Frontiers of Computer Science1.0390.6600.4340.4050.298nonenone
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences1.6280.8850.8500.7020.7060.388none
Journal of Computer Science and Technology0.9560.4750.6720.6420.4770.5640.656
Information Systems Frontiers2.5211.4501.0770.7610.8510.9121.596
Information Sciences4.8323.3644.0383.8933.6432.8332.836
ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS)2.1331.1180.9920.7851.0001.2861.000

Conference/Journal Statistics in Systems, Software, and Servies

The following deadline information, conference acceptance rates, and journal impact factors are collected from the Internet and may not be accurate. These conferences/journals are related to my research interests.

System and Dependability


IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks.
DSN includes two independent symposiums, which review and accept paper independently:

  • DCCS: Dependable Computing and Communications Symposium
  • PDS: Performance and Dependability Symposium. PDS usually accepts less papers than DCCS.
Even NameDCCS Acceptance RatePDS Acceptance Rate
DSN 201754/221=24.4%
DSN 2016 58/259=22.4%
DSN 201521.8%
DSN 201456/185 = 30.3%
DSN 201319.6%
DSN 201227/156=17.3%24/80=30%
DSN 201126/148=17.6%26/106=24.5%
DSN 201040/174=23%25%
DSN 200921%21.9%
DSN 200835/149=23.5%23/87=26.5%
DSN 200753/212=25%24/94=25.5%
DSN 200634/187=18%23/96=24%
DSN 200555/205=26%27/94=29%
DSN 200460/276=22%25/101=25%
DSN 200337+8/146=25%28/79=35%
DSN 200235+13/156=22%23+4/57=40%
DSN 200153/153=35%?
Winners of William C. Carter Award at DSN
  • 2017: “Data-Driven Resiliency Assessment of Medical Cyber-Physical Systems”, Homa Almzadeh
  • 2016:”Efficient Protocols for Replicated Transactional Systems”, Sebastiano Peluso
  • 2015, “Δ-encoding: Practical Encoded Processing”, Dmitrii Kuvaiskii, Germany, and Christof Fetzer.
  • 2014, “Reliability and Security Monitoring of Virtual Machines Using Hardware Architectural Invariants”, Cuong Pham, Zachary Estrada, Phuong Cao, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, and Ravishankar Iyer.
  • 2013, “Hector: Detecting Resource-Release Omission Faults in Error-Handling Code for Systems Software”, Suman Saha, Jean-Pierre Lozi, Gael Thomas, Julia Lawall, and Gilles Muller.
  • 2012, “Taming Mr. Hayes: Mitigating Signaling-Based Attacks on Smartphones”, Collin Mulliner, Steffen Liebergeld, Matthias Lange, and Jean-Pierre Seifert.
  • 2011, “Modeling Stream Processing Applications for Dependability Evaluation”, Gabriela Jacques-Silva, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, Bugra Gedik, Henrique Andrade, Kun-Lung Wu, and Ravishankar K. Iyer.
  • 2010, “Scalable RFID Systems: a Privacy-Preserving Protocol with Constant-Time Identification”, Basel Alomair, Andrew Clark, Jorge Cuellar and Radha Poovendran.
  • 2009, “Vulnerability & Attack Injection for Web Applications”, Jose Fonseca, University of Coimbra, Portugal. By Jose Fonseca, Marco Vieira, Henrique Madeira.
  • 2008: “SymPLFIED: Symbolic Program Level Fault Injection and Error Detection Framework,” Karthik Pattabiraman, Nithin Nakka, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk and Ravishakar Iyer.
  • 2007: “Failure Resilience for Device Drivers,” Jorrit N. Herder, Herbert Bos, Ben Gras, Philip Homburg, and Andrew S. Tanenbaum.
  • 2006: “Automatic Instruction-Level Software-Only Recovery Methods,” Jonathan Chang, George Reis, and David August.
  • 2005: “Fatih: Detecting and Isolating Malicious Routers,” Alper Mizrak, Yuchung Cheng, Keith Marzullo, and Stefan Savage.
    “Authenticated System Calls,” Mohan Rajagopalan, Matti Hiltunen, Trevor Jim, and Richard Schlichting.
  • 2004: “Diverse Firewall Design,” Alex X. Liu, and Mohamed G. Gouda.
  • 2003: “Definition of Software Fault Emulation Operators: A Field Data Study,” João Durães and Henrique Madeira.
  • 2002: “Robust Software – No More Excuses,” John DeVale and Philip Koopman.
  • 2001: “An Approach for Analysing the Propagation of Data Errors in Software,” Martin Hiller, Arshad Jhumka, and Neeraj Suri.
  • 2000: “On the Quality of Service of Failure Detectors,” Wei Chen, Sam Toueg, and Marcos Kawazoe Aguilera.
  • 1999: “The Systematic Improvement of Fault Tolerance in the Rio File Cache,” Wee Teck Ng and Peter M. Chen.
  • 1998: “RENEW: A Tool for Fast and Efficient Implementation of Checkpoint Protocols,” Nuno Nevesand W. Kent Fuchs.
  • 1997: “COFTA: Hardware-Software Co-Synthesis of Heterogeneous Distributed Embedded System Architectures for Low Overhead Fault Tolerance,” Bharat P. Dave and Niraj K. Jha.
    “Fail-Awareness: An Approach to Construct Fail-Safe Applications,” Christof Fetzer and Flaviu Christian.

SRDS:IEEE International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems

Even NameAcceptance Rate
SRDS 201627/83=32.5%
SRDS 201527/81=33%
SRDS 201430/120=25%
SRDS 201322/67=32.8%
SRDS 201228/114=24.5%
SRDS 201130/88=34%
SRDS 201021/93=22.6%
SRDS 200923/104=22.1%
SRDS 200828/112=25%
SRDS 200715% (In Beijing China)
SRDS 200628%
SRDS 200520/67=29.9%
SRDS 200423%
SRDS 200336/126=28.5%

ISSRE:IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering

Even NameAcceptance Rate
ISSRE 201645/130=34%
ISSRE 201532.0%
ISSRE 201425%
ISSRE 201346/131=35.1%
ISSRE 201230%
ISSRE 201127/106=25%
ISSRE 201040/130=31%
ISSRE 200921/85=25%
ISSRE 200829/116=25%
ISSRE 200726/78=33%
ISSRE 200638/102=37%
ISSRE 200532/98=33%
ISSRE 200439/120=33%
ISSRE 200341/200=21%
ISSRE 200233/73=45%
ISSRE 200138/100=38%

ICDCS:IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems

Even NameAcceptance Rate
ICDCS 201790/531=16.9%
ICDCS 201668/386=17.6%
ICDCS 201570/543=13%
ICDCS 201461/464=13.1%
ICDCS 201313%
ICDCS 201271/ 515 = 13%
ICDCS 201187/565 = 15.4%
ICDCS 201085/585=14.5%
ICDCS 200974/455=16%
ICDCS 2008102/638=16%
ICDCS 200771/528=13%
ICDCS 200675/540=13.8%
ICDCS 200577/540=14%
ICDCS 200484/475 = 17%
ICDCS 200372/406=17.7%
ICDCS 200261/331=18.4%
ICDCS 200169/217=31.8%

Service Computing, Cloud Computing, Web Technology

Even NameAcceptance RateLocationPaper List
WWW 2017164/966=16.9%Perth, AustraliaPaper List
WWW 2016115/727=15.8%Montreal, CanadaPaper List
WWW 2015131/929=14.1%Florence, ItalyPaper List
WWW 201484/650=12.92%Seoul, KoreaPaper List
WWW 2013125/831=15.0%Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPaper List
WWW 2012108/885=12.2%Lyon, FrancePaper List
WWW 201182/658=12.4%Hyderabad, IndiaPaper List
WWW 2010104/743=14%Raleigh, NC, USA Paper List
WWW 2009104/888=11.7%Madrid, SpainPaper List
WWW 2008103/880=11.7%Beijing, ChinaPaper List
WWW 2007110/755=15%Banff, Alberta, CanadaPaper List
WWW 200681/700=11%Edinburgh, Scotland, UKPaper List
WWW 200577/550=14%Chiba, JapanPaper List
WWW 200474/506=15%Manhattan, NY, USAPaper List
WWW 200377/602=12.8%Budapest, HungaryPaper List
WWW 200272/454=16%Honolulu, Hawaii, USAPaper List
WWW 200178/391=20%Hong Kong, ChinaPaper List
Even NameAcceptance RateLocationPaper List
ICWS 2017 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
ICWS 201614%San Francisco, CA, USAPaper List
ICWS 201517.4%New York, NY, USAPaper List
ICWS 201420%Anchorage, Alaska, USAPaper List
ICWS 201324/126=19%Santa Clara Marriott, CA, USAPaper List
ICWS 201230/176=17%Honolulu, Hawaii, USAPaper List
ICWS 201114%Washington DC. USPaper List
ICWS 201039/221=17.6%Miami, Florida, USAPaper List
ICWS 200963/404=15.6%LA, USPaper List
ICWS 200843/269=16%Beijing, ChinaPaper List
ICWS 200718%Salt Lake City, Utah, USAPaper List
ICWS 200616%Chicago, Illinois, USAPaper List
ICWS 200518.9%Orlando, FL, USAPaper List
ICWS 200428.7%San Diego, California, USAPaper List
ICWS 200329.8%Las Vegas, Nevada, USAPaper List
Even NameAcceptance RateLocationPaper List
SCC 2017 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
SCC 201620%San Francisco, CA, USAPaper List
SCC 201520%New York City, NY, USAPaper List
SCC 201419%Anchorage, Alaska, USAPaper List
SCC 201317%Santa Clara Marriott, CA, USAPaper List
SCC 201218%Honolulu, Hawaii, USAPaper List
SCC 201127/170=16%Washington DC, USA Paper List
SCC 201018%Miami, Florida, USAPaper List
SCC 200918.5%Bangalore, IndiaPaper List
SCC 200818%Honolulu, Hawaii, USAPaper List
SCC 200720%Salt Lake City, Utah, USAPaper List
SCC 200625%Chicago, Illinois, USAPaper List
SCC 200533+12/180=18%Orlando, Florida, USAPaper List
SCC 200437/220=17%Shanghai, ChinaPaper List
Even NameAcceptance RateLocationPaper List
ICSOC 201630/137=21%Banff, Alberta, CanadaPaper List
ICSOC 201516%Goa, IndiaPaper List
ICSOC 201424/160=15%ParisPaper List
ICSOC 201313%Berlin, GermanyPaper List
ICSOC 201232/185=17%Shanghai, China Paper List
ICSOC 201130/184=16%Paphos, Cyprus Paper List
ICSOC 201033/238=15%San Francisco, US Paper List
ICSOC 200916%Stockholm, SwedenPaper List
ICSOC 200820%Sydney, AustraliaPaper List
ICSOC 200717%Vienna, AustriaPaper List
ICSOC 200617%Chicago, IL, USAPaper List
ICSOC 200516%Amsterdam, The NetherlandsPaper List
ICSOC 200433/164=20%New York City, NY, USAPaper List
ICSOC 200338/181=21%Trento, ItalyPaper List

Software Engineering

Even NameAcceptance RateLocationPaper List
ICSE 201716.4%Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPaper List
ICSE 2016101/530=19%Oxford, UKPaper List
ICSE 201584/452=18.5%Florence, ItalyList1List2
ICSE 201420% Hyderabad, IndiaPaper List
ICSE 201385/461=18.5%San Francisco, USA Paper List
ICSE 201287/408=21.3%Zürich, SwitzerlandPaper List
ICSE 201162/441=14%Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Paper List
ICSE 201052/380=13.7%Cape Town, South AfricaPaper List
ICSE 200950/405=12%Vancouver, CanadaPaper List
ICSE 200856/371=15%Leipzig, GermanyPaper List
ICSE 200749/334=15%Minneapolis, MN, USAPaper List
ICSE 200636/395=9%Shanghai, ChinaPaper List
ICSE 200544/313=14%St Louis, Missouri, USAPaper List
ICSE 200458/436=13%Edinburgh, Scotland, UKPaper List
ICSE 200342/324=13%Portland, Oregon, USAPaper List
ICSE 200248/303=15%Orlanda, FL, USAPaper List
ICSE 200147/268=18%Toronto, Ontario, CanadaPaper List
Even NameAcceptance RateLocationPaper List
FSE 201674/273=27.1%Seattle, WA, USAPaper List
FSE 201574/291=25.4%Bergamo, ItalyPaper List
FSE 201461/273=22%Hong Kong, ChinaPaper List
FSE 201351/251=20%Saint Petersburg, RussiaPaper List
FSE 201235/201=17.4%Washington DC, USA Paper List
FSE 201134/203=16.7%Lyngby, DenmarkPaper List
FSE 201034/169=20%Koreana, SeoulPaper List
FSE 200932+7/217=15%Leuven, BelgiumPaper List
FSE 200831/152=20%AtlantaPaper List
FSE 200743+20/251=17%Dubrovnik, CroatiaPaper List
FSE 200625/125=20%Oregon, USAPaper List
FSE 200532/201=16%Lisbon, PortugalPaper List
FSE 200425/169=15%Newport Beach, California, USAPaper List
FSE 200333+9/168=20%Helsinki, FinlandPaper List
FSE 200217/128=13%Charleston, South Carolina, USAPaper List
FSE 200129/137=21%Vienna, AustriaPaper List
Even NameAcceptance RateLocationPaper List
ASE 201657/298=19%Singapore, SingaporePaper List
ASE 201564/190=34%Lincoln, Nebraska, USAPaper List
ASE 201482/337=24%Västerås, SwedenPaper List
ASE 201343/253=17.0% Palo Alto, CaliforniaPaper List
ASE 201221/138=15.2%Essen, GermanyPaper List
ASE 201137/252=14.7%Lawrence, KansasPaper List
ASE 201034+31/191=18%Antwerp, BelgiumPaper List
ASE 200938+33/222=17%Auckland, New ZealandPaper List
ASE 200834+36/280=12%L'Aquila, ItalyPaper List
ASE 200737+40/312=12%Atlanta, Georgia, USAPaper List
ASE 200622+12/121=18%Tokyo, JapanPaper List
ASE 200528+35/291=10%Long Beach, CA, USAPaper List
ASE 200425+26/183=14%Linz, AustriaPaper List
ASE 200322+20/170=13%Montreal, CanadaPaper List
ASE 200219+19/94=20%Edinburgh, Scotland, UKPaper List
ASE 200132+28/164=20%San Diego, CA, USAPaper List

Other related journals:

International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management

IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management

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